First draft

The king’s most faithful servant, Henry, was also a long-time childhood friend and trusted advisor. They had spent many a day playing in the fields of the prince’s kingdom, kicking and running and jumping and performing swordplay with wooden practice swords. It was on one such afternoon when the sun was beaming down warmly over the treetops that the boys were laying siege upon a rabbit warren. All of a sudden a girl emerged from behind a tree smacked them both on the head with the broom she carried.
Taking advantage of the boys’ temporary confusion, she repositioned herself in between them and the rabbit warren.
“Rancid cow,” the prince spat, rubbing his forehead, “why ever would you do a thing like that?”
Henry placed a hand on the prince’s shoulder and observed the girl. She was dressed in a most peculiar garment of orange and green patches, with a straw hat over her wispy brown hair and long black gloves that covered her knobbly elbows. Her face was livid with rage.
“You should know better than to do such a stupid and disrespectful thing!” She brandished the broom at them and they flinched accordingly.
Henry placed his practice sword on the ground and began to apologise but the prince would have none of it.
“Listen here,” he said, pointing at the girl. “This is my kingdom and those are my rabbits and I’ll do what I want to them. Nothing an ugly toad like you can do to stop me.”
The colour drained from her face and the prince crossed his arms, looking smug.
She vowed he would someday know what it was to be as ugly as she.

Author’s note: this is a section of a collaborative piece from one of my uni courses. It is based on The Frog King or Iron Heinrich by the Grimm Brothers.


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