Phone Call

**Caution: following writing contains autobiographical details and metafiction, read at own risk**

The phone vibrates against the frosted glass surface of the desk, the vibrations causing it to wiggle indirectly towards the abandoned computer. The girl grudgingly shifts her gaze from the Sudoku before her to the screen of the phone. Some part of her hoped it was her boyfriend. She isn’t surprised when the caller ID read “MUM”. Returning to the Sudoku, she debates for a few moments over numbers, letting the phone’s ringtone kick in: the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

I’ll really have to change that, she thinks to herself. It is so popular now, gracing radio stations such as Mix 106.5 and 2day FM, nothing like what she thought of it when she first heard it in the credits of The Host at the cinema with her father.

Unlocking the phone, she props it against her ear, sighing. “Hello.”

“Hi, sweetpea. You sound so flat. Why are you flat?”

“I’m not. Everything’s fine.”

“But you sound exhausted, what is it?”

“Nothing. What’s up?”

She taps the pen against her lips and tries to conjure some numbers for the Sudoku. The puzzle is “moderate level” – just a little too hard for her but “easy level” was too easy.

“Well, I spoke to the agent today… are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yes, go on.”

“Ugh, that tone of yours,” she mutters. “So he wants to cancel the opening this weekend. Even though we haven’t settled with that couple who made the offer yesterday or the other couple from Sunday.”


“Well, the first couple, the ones with the Golden Retrievers, have called up and made an offer. They’re all offering the same amount.”

“I guess that’s good.”

“You’re really not interested in what I have to say.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“Ok, the first couple have backed out because their solicitor says it’s not safe as they haven’t got the money yet. So we’ve gone from no one wanting our house to three lots to two lots.”

I’m bored by this story. You’re bored too, I can tell. I can feel it. Look, I’m actually this girl and I have a lot of stress going on in my life and no I’m not really ok right now. I’m sitting at this table tapping my pen trying to figure out this Sudoku instead of writing one thousand five hundred words worth of short stories. And my mum calls me up and bugs me about every hour or so. Like she believes asking me if I’m ok will magically have the effect of making me ok.

So I’m stressing over these short stories not materialising on the laptop I’m very conveniently ignoring. And then there’s you know, my boyfriend and the whole being-in-a-relationship thing. He’s hard to get in contact with but at least he’s my friend on Facebook now. And oh look, it took me about an hour to write most of this up after it happened. So logically, the phone is ringing again. I have to go. My mum is calling.


Prompt: write a story in which two characters have a conflict but do not specify what the conflict is

I also got bored and experimented with metafiction.


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