Internet fails: Why you should pay attention to your web browser.

“The medium is the message.”

This phrase seems to confuse most of the people in my class but it seems quite clear to me: we are no longer interested in what specific content is communicated to us but in the way it is communicated – the medium.

“Millions of Facebook users have no idea they are using the Internet.”

The first thing I thought of is my colleagues at work, who have no idea the programs we use run through a Javascript plug-in or that Store Reports is simply an encrypted webpage. The reason is because they access this content through pre-existing shortcuts on the desktop of the computers. Even though a web browser opens, they don’t realise because there is no need to navigate beyond that. They don’t consider how things work, only that they do.

So if no one is paying attention to the medium, how do we decode the message?



  1. It is a bit strange, isn’t it? Especially so with mobile phones because it isn’t even just a browser we access the internet through, its the facet of apps. Guess little tiles with individual purposes are more appealing to us humans than a browser with near infinite possibilities and yet nothing to through content at us immediately and automatically as an app like Facebook or Twitter does instantly. Pretty sure there’s even a WordPress app where you can blog from. Sure, I guess, why not? Great post btw, and in response to your question, I guess we’ll be able to informedly decode the messages as we progress in this course!

  2. Its actually crazy that some people in this world believe that Facebook isn’t apart of the internet and therefore they think they don’t have access to the internet! For me, this is really hard to comprehend because of how exposed i am and how exposed the society i live in is as well. I really enjoyed your post as it explained the concept for this weeks topic and integrate an example everyone can relate to. Great work, keep at it!

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