Not another rant about Apple!

I said I wasn’t going to do this. Everyone has talked about the iOS versus Android debate. It’s not really remixing, remediating or reflecting on the lecture content when you just list the same things Ted does. But this entire debate has taken on a new meaning in my life as recently as yesterday.

To be clear, I live my life blissfully in the middle. I love my MacBook Pro (2011) till death do us part. But I’m quite a fan of my Samsung GALAXY S4. Part of the reason I jumped ship from the iPhone 4 when my 2-year contract was up was because I was so disappointed with the minor changes that separated it from the 4S, 5 and 5S. Obviously, iOS 8 and iPhone 6 (and it’s various incarnations) has finally reflected something of Apple’s former glory.

Nevertheless, here is the story relevant to you.

I had been overseas last year, dropped my phone (for the umpteenth time) and smashed the screen to the point where I was picking miniscule shards of glass out of my fingertips and cheek with tweezers (in the hotel room of a foreign country no less). My hasty fix job with 3 pieces of clear packing tape was short-lived and I had to send the phone away for repairs by the Samsung centre when I returned home to Australia. (Don’t even get me started on the myriad of ways in which this was an unsatisfactory service experience.)

Anyway, I reverted back to the aforementioned iPhone 4 during the time my Samsung was at the repairs and this was fine albeit slightly challenging in the transition from huge screen to tiny screen, completely different predict-a-text programming and limited 3G network among other drastic changes. When I finally received my freshly repaired Samsung (complete with complimentary screen protector, thanks guys), I did not realise for several weeks that some of my friends’ messages were not getting through to me. This is because the current iPhone iOS Message settings are defaulted to iMessage at all times. You have to manually go in and select “Use SMS messaging when iMessage is unavailable”. This means that Apple is assuming iPhone owners’ contacts ALL have iPhones. Because, if you don’t have an iPhone and your mate sends an iMessage, you won’t get it.

My poor mates, stuck inside their closed appliance while I’m able to message whomever I like with my open platform Android phone. Seriously, Apple, you have not monopolised the market like you think you have.



  1. really enjoyed reading your writing since it is based on your real story and experience :)! From the top to took a few minutes which means the reading was fascinating and interesting. thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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