How do I get involved?

This is what we’re supposed to say about charity and fund-raising things right? Wrong.

This is about FANDOM. How do you get involved? Well, the first thing you can do is start a YouTube channel. Then, pick a fandom – Supernatural always works. Download some clips and REMIX THEM INTO A MASHUP.

The following Prezi is all about getting involved with music and other pre-existing content, remixing, remediating and mashing it up into new and exciting content. Adding your own pizzazz.

Click the image to see the Prezi!

Click the image to see the Prezi!

If only there weren’t so many legal ramifications for “getting involved”…



  1. I love that your Prezi’s layout reflects the rabbit hole effect: when you start searching for content based on content, you find out it’s been remixed and released again. And your post definitely highlighted how engaged the community is and the various formats that can be made in response to content. But it also reflects that the user generated content (UGC) surrounding a media text is often so much larger than the original content. The greatest thing is that UGC is benefiting the media texts they’re remixing. Shows like Supernatural or Hannibal, that have very active fan communities, generate their own hype and advertising for the show from UGC. In the digital marketing landscape, “UGC provides depth and increases confidence in a brand or product from a consumer point of view” ( For example, Showtime’s Hannibal prominently displays its official Tumblr page on its website, which showcases Fan Art and Gifs.

  2. I loved the way your prezi was presented – it started by explaining and defining key concepts and then worked its way to showing examples of remix culture in today’s society. The blog post really showed how easy it is in today’s participatory culture to take a clip of media and turn it into our own expression of art. I love the “Bad Lip Readings” on YouTube as a form of remixing film scenes. Awesome work!

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