Candid Conversations with my Mum Part One: How to make a podcast.

I struggled for months with the thought of having to make a podcast. Then I realised: if you can blog about blogging, you should be able to podcast about podcasting. My mum and I have some interesting chats.

I hope you learned about how making a podcast is related to craft and digital making. Or had a bit of a laugh at our expense. Either or.



  1. This was so entertaining, the apathetic tone from your Mum was brilliant. Laughed a fair amount at this! Interesting take on the post and I liked how it was a conversational podcast rather than the other script written ones I have been listening to. In saying that it was a long podcast so perhaps for next time- outline a guide of what you want to talk about and stick to it to help cut down on time and keep the direction of the podcast on focus rather than losing what you were really wanting to talk about. I did genuinely enjoy it though, god bless your Mumsy.

    1. Hey thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I actually uploaded the uncut version first, which was nearly 10 minutes and this one I spent a bit of time cutting out the dead silences and me umming and ahhing. I did write some notes (and smacked my notebook a few times during recording) but the whole concept was completely off the bat and there was only so much editing I could do before I went entirely cross-eyed. Thanks again đŸ™‚

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