When I think of online persona, something that sticks in my mind are tattoo artists. If I’m planning a new piece or simply want to gaze at beautiful images I head to Instagram. Instagram has become a veritable cornucopia for users to find tattoo artists. The image-oriented media platform is perfectly formatted for curating a gallery that showcases their skill and artistry and contributes towards their online persona in a way that is not quite so necessary or ideal for other professions.

Instagram is a linear feed structured much like an image version of Twitter. With the exception of the Explore function in the app, it’s quite difficult to locate a specific user or image type without having to sift through vast quantities of other content. As such, apps like Iconosquare have emerged to make navigating Instagram’s content en mass much more streamlined.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 11.51.27 PM (2)

Screenshot of my personal Instagram account’s statistics profile on Iconosquare. This service is free and available to any Instagram user.

Iconosquare also provides a grouping feature; this allows users to sort their “followings” into one or more groups of their choosing and thus filter their feed to show that predefined group of users’ images.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 11.25.32 PM (2)

Screenshot of my “Ink” feed

Now I have a personally curated feed full of tattoo artists’ online personas!

Interesting side note: Last month Iconosquare updated their website and changed all the features mentioned above to be part of a paid subscription. After much dismay that was apparently conveyed to them, they reverted back to the site seen above. More evidence of the audience’s changing role in the media?


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  1. I found this very interesting to read, not only because of the information relevant to the lecture, but also the use of pictures! Clearly this is a topic that interests you, so perhaps including a reference list at the end to the pictures and screenshots you’ve included would be good for like-minded people to explore. Your inclusion of the app Iconosquare proved very useful, and I’m about to go download it! Overall, very good blog post.

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