The story so far…

This is the blog of a twenty-two-year-old student at University of Wollongong. Although this is my fourth year of study, this is only my second semester in the Bachelor of Media and Communications Studies. I have been studying Creative Writing under the Bachelor of Creative Arts (with only two courses to finish) and bouncing from major to major in the Bachelor of Arts until I finally landed in BCMS.

I’ve had an unconventional introduction to the media. Things began with writing for the online forums FictionPress and FanFiction back in the mid-2000s. Due to an ongoing battle with plagiarists on those forums, a large cohort of writers relocated to LiveJournal, where many of them had already been blogging about their writing. LiveJournal as a media platform offered the opportunity of controlling the writers’ audience through creating a closed community. I was a participant until I graduated from high school in 2010 and took a hiatus from writing.

For the next few years, the media space I occupied most was in closed Facebook groups centred on an Australian fashion label. The communities have been described as cult-like. All I can say is this is another example of filtered social interactions. If you are a fan of this brand you are more likely to get along with other fans and share other common interests. There are groups based on region and regularly organise meet-ups where the fans can interact in person. As the community continues to grow, issues of moderation and censorship become points of contention between the members and the volunteer administrators of each group. The values are continually under negotiation with older members nostalgic for the smaller, close-knit groups while newer members bring nothing but enthusiasm and a lack of knowledge for the history of this online community.

This blog has been around since 2013, when I decided to start sharing my creative and academic writing with the world (wide web) again. It was remodelled at the beginning of this year to integrate my BCMS blogging and aggregate a portfolio of all my online work. There are other smaller spaces I’ve occupied but this post is already long enough.



  1. Hi K,
    Interested in the previous site which suffered with plagiarism. Who identified that element and who tried (if anyone) to control it?
    Also your comments on the “special interest” group and the tension between the original smaller group (traditionalists) and the newer people who are bringing change. Is this tension adding or subtracting from the cohort overall?

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for reading my post.
      I believe the loyal readers would identify the writing on other forums and notify the original writer. FP and FF have copyright time stamps at the bottom of each page that can be used to prove ownership but since the information was shared freely there was no case to press.
      As for the special interest group, the tension is causing the traditionalists to withdraw and chat privately amongst each other. They occasionally interact with the newbies in the groups but the groups themselves continue on as though nothing has changed. It’s a curious and unresolved phenomenon.

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