Copyright or Creative Commons?

That is the question…

Having just resumed looking into Copyright versus Creative Commons licencing after briefly touching on this several months ago, I was directed to the United States’ Copyright Office home page. Funnily enough I’m in Australia. This is symptomatic of something legacy media is loath to admit: the Internet has broken down boarders. Any creative work that exists online exists everywhere.

There are instances of various tech giants (e.g. Apple) attempting to create walled gardens to keep certain information and material inside these walls. As a blogger and YouTube channel owner, I feel it’s important to understand what restrictions are imposed over creative work. I have created this little infographic to give a better idea of the differences between Copyright and Creative Commons.

Copyright may have been instigated to protect the original artist’s work but it’s being used now for revenue raising through the legal system. This does not benefit the artists but the record companies and publishers and so on. For more information see this link.

Websites used in making the infographic:

Creative Commons Australia
Work Made for Hire blog on Copyright
Work Made for Hire blog on Differences between Copyright and Creative Commons
GCF Learn Free on Copyright
Legal Crunch
Attornery General of Australia Copyright Information



  1. Oh how I love creative commons! It is such an innovative and interesting way in which authors and creators can share their content exactly how they want it to be shared. It allows the creative community to expand and blossom in a way that copyright does not quite allow. As a YouTuber and creative author of content, what do you think about copyright? Would you mind other people using your work or do you encourage people to take your ideas and content and interpreting them as their own?

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