The closed appliance phenomenon

I’ve been running into some problems with the making of GameWreck because of the devices I am using. More details in the video below.

I decided to do a bit of research into this to catch myself up. The main reason game developers don’t port to Macs is there is not a big enough market. For a long time Macs used Motorolla processors instead of Intel or AMD. They have since switched to Intel but the consumers buying a Mac don’t do it for the games. They have other expectations. This is probably a product of the programming strategy behind Apple devices: they would rather do all the thinking for you.

Yes, there is always Bootcamp to run Windows through a Mac. But that beges the question: why are you buying a device that doesn’t support what you want to use it for? This is where the vitriol “That’s what happens when you buy a Mac,” comes from.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you want from a machine before you buy it? Maybe the machine should just be customisable enough to get by with any requirement.

Have this video as a parting gift:



  1. I really liked how you used your video to explain the concept. One thing I would just say for advice is just to talk and let the words flow, the more the edit the more people will lose track or become confused of all the jumps. Plus as a gamer myself I see your problem, I believe you should look into investing a PC laptop or desktop because even though I see your relevance MAC is not good for games because it doesn’t have the ability to run these games themselves due to their processes. Plus when you build your own pc tell me how it goes because I just did make my own one as well just a little while ago. It is a really good example to the discussion at the moment and I really enjoyed it. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit of a struggle at the moment to keep the channel going since running the games is causing some lag in the screen capture of the gameplay. I’m messing around with several different programs, offloading a bunch of files to lighten the load on my hard drive and making sure there are no other programs running besides the ones essential to filming. If you have any suggestions for low-maintenance games that would be appreciated. I don’t want to take on the task of building a PC from scratch until I’ve finished with my uni semester and focus on it properly. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      1. Get another hard drive, trust me if you get windows and upgrade to windows 10 get a bigger hard drive plus more games haha. Um yeah I could definitely give you a bit of small games it just depends whether you have a steam account or not. Steam account with free games can easily be used on smaller computers like LOL or even old games such as tomb raider. It just depends on what games you want and where you get them from sometimes. Plus if you look in more info it shows the statistics stuff you need in order to play that game.

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