Twitter has no qualms about messing with Egypt, what if we wanted a revolution against the Big Business of the West?

But first, some basics on social media networks for revolutions:

Infographic displaying information about social media networks for revolutions

The Guardian published an article about Google and Twitter creating software to enable voice-to-tweet when the Egyptian government shut down access to the Internet. At face value, this may appear to be an altruistic attempt to aid the protesters and contribute to the restoration of balance in a turbulent nation. As independent businesses and corporations, these tech giants have no issues meddling in third world affairs. They aren’t held back by government regulations or ethics. So why meddle in the first place? I found the comments of this article to be full of some very relevant concerns when it comes to online activism.

Why are these Western corporations so intent on pushing Egypt towards the brink? What’s their angle? How will Google, Twitter, and Facebook benefit from a Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt, from the collapse of its tourism industry, from the persecution of its christians by islamists, and the opening of its borders to jihadis from Yemen, Gaza, Sudan, and allah knows where else? What do these corporations stand to gain from sowing chaos and toppling regimes in the Middle East?

And more to the point, why aren’t they keeping Big Brother off our backs so that we can have our own Tweeter revolutions against Western governments in hock to Big Business? If they’re really so keen on helping Arabs win their “freedom” and not after some other hidden agenda maybe they should start by proving their good faith by resisting Yank and British government snooping and privacy violations? When the companies are gaily giving away all our personal data to government snoopers and shutting down Wikileaks, it’s a bit difficult to swallow their goody-goody act in the Arab world.



  1. I really like your approach to this blog. It is very different to any other that I’ve seen on the topic of the Arab Spring, so full points for that.
    I certainly agree with your perception that meddling in business that isn’t your own can be dangerous and unwarranted. However I don’t believe the corporations meddling in business over there are doing it for any personal gain, therefore I think they are genuinely doing it to aid the protestors for all the right reasons. A few examples of corporations could have been beneficial.

  2. Your chart is succinct yet highly informative! The clear headings allow of easy reading although I do wish you had re-written the quotes in your own words to show a deeper understanding of the topic. Your inclusion of relevant examples and cases do aid in showing your understanding though.

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