Ctrl Z is a lie!

This week I was supposed to learn things about cybercrime and cyberwar and to say it went over my head is a big understatement. (I’m 5 foot flat, most things go over my head.) So I’d like to begin with repeating something that doesn’t get repeated enough. On the Internet, there is no Ctrl Z. Sure, you can type something into the WordPress post editor, accidentally delete 1000 words and hit Ctrl Z and suddenly the last hour of your life wasn’t a complete waste. What I mean is, once you press “Publish” those 1000 words are on a server forever. Even if you change your mind and delete the post minutes later.

It’s cheaper for Facebook, Google, Twitter, et al to save every piece of data you ever give them than to filter and remove what might not be important now. The Ashley Madison hack is proof of that.


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