GameWreck: So Far, So Good

I’ve been following various YouTube channels for a few years now, mostly to do with DIY crafts, fashion, makeup and hair. It’s a good resource for finding out about niche things you don’t know how to do. What I wasn’t aware of until this year was how much of a presence gaming had online, specifically on YouTube and Twitch.

Gaming videos on YouTube typically fit under the label of a “Let’s Play”. Within that category there are walkthroughs, which provide advice for other gamers on how to complete a level or gain a skill within a certain game. The sheer quantity of channels means there is a wealth of walkthroughs to choose from even across the most niche of games. Playthroughs are distinctly different in that they are more specifically about the player’s experience of the game. Because of this, playthroughs can be more entertaining and comedic than walkthroughs. The most prolific YouTube celebrity, PewDiePie, basically just markets his personality now rather than his actual gameplay after building up years’ worth of loyal subscribers.

What was interesting to me about all the Let’s Play channels I encountered was the nascent confidence each player had in regards to any game they attempted to play. This was not a quality I shared with them, something that became immediately obvious in my rather loud, over-excited and somewhat frantic commentary in the first game ( I played since Pokémon Yellow version on my Gameboy colour. GameWreck is about making gameplay and gaming accessible to non-gamers while reminding experienced gamers where they came from. Everyone was new to games once. Because I did not grow up playing games, I don’t approach gameplay in the same way as those who did. I am completely comfortable putting videos of me struggling through games, trying to figure out basic moves, because I know this is a situation many people can relate to, if not in games than in other aspects of life.

Video and computer games are a constantly growing industry, something I was aware of due to the sheer quantity of my friends who game but did not fully understand until I started this channel. Because of GameWreck I have a new appreciation for the programming, graphics and concepts that go into making a game and I can even contribute to a conversation between friends about certain game aspects. I also have an appreciation for the PC versus console debate and have plans to build a PC in the near future to further facilitate the channel’s content and quality. I ran into limitations wherein my MacBook Pro was not compatible with a number of games I wanted to play and short of spending $200 on a game capture card I could not make do with the Xbox my generous friend has loaned me. Nevertheless, I hope to purchase a game capture card in the future in order to have guest appearances playing co-op with me for upcoming episodes.

In conclusion, I was not a gamer before GameWreck. I still don’t think like a gamer but I play games more now than I ever did before. This digital artefact has opened me up to a completely new world both online and off and I can’t wait to continue through the iterations and see where it takes me.


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