We Are Dancers

Game Cultures

In Cybercultures I established a premise or concept for my game project dossier: a Turing Test for people to play with/against each other and determine who among them was a sentient AI pretending to be human. With the help of a friend and former student of Game Cultures, we developed two different game mechanics to explore this idea.

Idea #1:


This is a conversational card game. There would be 2 combined decks: a human deck (65%) and an AI deck (35%). You would shuffle the decks together and deal each player 2 cards which could be a 2 human, 2 AI or 1 of each. The aim is to guess through conversation who is human and who is AI.

Idea #2:


This is a slightly more complicated card game involving 3 different decks.

Players are characters in an AI research facility. Due to lack of funding, everyone shares and swaps…

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