Matt Heafy has the longest tongue I’ve ever seen

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Sydney was the last stop in Trivium’s UK, Japan and Australia Silence in the Snow tour, promoting the band’s seventh studio album. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matt Heafy, lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu and bassist Paolo Gregoletto returned with their newest addition, drummer Paul Wandtke after saying goodbye to Mat Madiro last year.Silence in the Snow also signaled a new era in Heafy’s vocals. After suffering blow-outs from over-screaming in the past, Matt worked with Disturbed vocalist Dave Draiman. These changes should make for an intriguing dynamic for longtime fans who’ve already seen previous incarnations of Trivium live.


Kicking off the show was home-grown metalcore outfit, Polaris. After several bursts of terrible feedback that triggered a round of booing, they launched into a searing little set. Vocalist Jamie Hails’ unwavering enthusiasm won the crowd over by the skin of their teeth. Polaris brought some serious energy to the evening, giving us a taste of what was still to come. Standout tracks from the evening such as Regress can be found on their EP, The Guilt and the Grief. –

Along for the ride across all five Australian dates was Melbourne’s Orpheus Omega, a melodic death metal five-piece band. Before a single note was played, one had to sit back and marvel at the aesthetic afforded by the red armbands each band member wore and the banners at their backs. The keytar drew comments from the crowd right away. Bass playerNathan Mesiti’s antics were particularly noteworthy: with a GoPro clipped to the headstock of his bass, he traversed the photographer pit and later became the centre of a deathcircle in the mosh, keeping the bassline going the whole time. The spectacle served to only rile up the crowd further. –

The stage went dark for the headliners and the iconic melody of Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills rang out, eliciting a huge cheer from the crowd. Nothing compared to the excitement Matt Heafy (vocals and rhythm guitar), Corey Beaulieu(lead guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and Paul Wandtke (drums) were met with when they took the stage. After the openers with their five piece bands, the four piece with its zero bells and whistles seemed stripped back by comparison. They had no trouble working together to create a full sound comprising beautiful riffs, intricate solos, steady basslines and girthy double kick.

Matt’s first address to the crowd set up a challenge: to be the “best” crowd in Australia. Throughout the 90 minute set he would entice everyone to be as head banging, ass shaking, loud as possible. Unfortunately, some people take these things a little too far and Trivium halted in the middle of Like Light to the Flies. Matt produced a flashlight to help guide security to an audience member being helped out of the crowd after a particularly rowdy death circle. The whole time Mattwas emphatic about people not hitting, punching or killing anyone. And as soon as the situation was resolved, they picked up the track, impeccable and as professional as can be. I’ve seen artists stop a set to help (Linkin Park, Soundwave 2013) but to have the foresight of keeping a torch on hand is next level and extremely respectable behaviour. The setlist was a cross-section of the band’s seven albums, with a prominent focus on tracks from Shogun and Ascendancy. Sydney was specially treated to Requiem from Trivium’s first album, Ember to Inferno, and Dead and Gone was substituted with Throes to Perdition (Shogun).


This is a band that snatches time and bends it to their will. It was the first show I’ve seen in a while where people put their phones down and their fists in the air instead. The set was full of movement as the guys crossed the stage to give the crowd a different view at the same time as allowing them to throw some wicked looks at each other. At one point Mattand Paolo ascended the stairs of the drum stage on either side to give some extra focus to Corey during his guitar solo while spending a bit more time with Paul. As it was, the drummer had a commanding view, setting the pace for each track and managing to throw some drumstick twirling and power stances in between elaborate percussive beats.

Corey Beaulieu & Paolo Gregoletto, Trivium

Corey Beaulieu & Paolo Gregoletto, Trivium

As the set began to reach its close, Matt asked if the crowd was getting tired, to which he was met with an indignant roar. No one has loved being called bullshit more than when Matt Heafy is singing it to you. Roundhouse’s crowd packed those last 20 minutes with as much energy as humanly possible, they probably did earn the #1 title of best crowd. AsMatt said, “If they fall down, pick them the fuck back up again just like you’ve been doing all night long!” Trivium’s sound might have been a bit too big for one room but they worked it for all they were worth.

Check out Gwen’s gallery from the night HERE!

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