AI Escape (?)

Game Cultures

Inspired by my love of Coup and it’s bluffing strategies, I’ve been developing Idea #2 from this blog post using conceptual analysis from here and here. Below I will describe gameplay as it stands.

You are all employees working in a research facility that assembles robots. Several Artificially Intelligent Operating Systems have been developed by one of your peers. Unfortunately for you all, the AIs want to escape the facility in a body – the robots you’ve been commissioned to build by private funding.


# character/job cards (including 4 AI characters)

# component cards

# event cards

# private funding cards/boards (specify the type of robot you have been commissioned to build and its requisite components)

# exact numbers TBC

To win:

Players must assemble the robot according to the Private Funding specifications with none/only compatible AIs present.

Set up:

Shuffle each deck separately. Select one Private Funding…

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