Cherie Currie @ Manning Bar 27/05/16 (Live Review)

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This was the first time touring Australia for Cherie Currie, iconic lead singer of The Runaways, and, for a long time, the other half of Joan Jett. At the tender age of fifteen, Cherie performed David Bowie covers until she found out Joan Jett and Kim Fowley was looking for a singer for the first all-girl rock band. The flame burned fast and hot for The Runaways, fizzling out within three years of its inception but forever immortalising these queens of noise. In 2010, a little of the band’s history was documented in film form, with Dakota Fanning portraying a young Cherie opposite Kristen Stewart’s Joan. Decades later Cherie finally graced our shores performing some of her old band’s hits, some covers and debuting tracks from her forthcoming album, Blackheart.


Cherie Currie Live at Manning Bar Sydney

Cherie Currie by Peter Dovgan


Hot Sweets kicked off the show with a short and—you guessed it—sweet 20 minute set. The vocals were very much in the spirit of late 70s, early 80s rock. Vanity Riot followed up with a punch wall of sound and wailing vocals backed by some really stellar pick work on the lead and rhythm guitars. But the crowd really only cared about one person and that was the rock queen herself, without a doubt.

Cherie Currie and her band took the stage with zero fanfare, launching into a rousing rendition of American Nights. Cherie was nothing but vibrant on stage, power in every step and every syllable. That remarkable voice was a thrill to hear in person. Full of funny anecdotes in between songs, she regaled the crowd with funny quotes like, “I do like Black Sabbath. I just don’t write like Black Sabbath!” Cherie had nothing but praise for Suzi Quatro, demanding she be immortalised in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame before The Runaways since she was such an incredible influence paving the way for them.


Cherie Currie live at Manning Bar Sydney

Cherie Currie by Peter Dovgan


Possibly the most striking moment in the night was when Cherie stopped to do her David Bowie tributes. Upon introducing them she referred to Dakota’s re-enactment in The Runaways, in which the fictional Cherie was pelted with food for being so extraordinarily out there. After exclaiming, “I fucking ran that show!” Cherie was overcome with grief for the late pop icon and master influence on her. Tears interrupted her utterly heartfelt cover of Lady Grinning Bare, which transitioned into an exhilarating performance of Rebel Rebel. Later Cherie confided it was the first time she had cried since his death earlier this year.

Lacking a barrier between stage and pit, the set was intimate and Cherie took advantage of every second, thrusting the microphone in front of as many punters as possible. One girl with lilac hair seemed to be an expert at memorising lyrics and the only one confident enough to actually project into the mic… Cherie came back to her again and again. She definitely made a few people’s nights with her passionate crowd engagement.

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American Nights (The Runaways)
Rock & Roll (The Velvet Underground)
Rock n Roll Rosie
Dear Mum (Shameless)
Is It Day or Night? (The Runaways)
Roxy Roller (Nick Gilder)
Heartbeat (The Runaways)
Queens of Noise (The Runaways)
California Paradise (The Runaways)
Midnight Music (The Runaways)
Lady Grinning Soul (David Bowie)
Rebel Rebel (David Bowie)
Do You Love Me? (KISS)
Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)


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