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Selfie Culture = Female Empowerment(?)

A selfie a day keeps the depression at bay. Or does it?

I created the #selfiechallenge2016 and #narcissistorempowerist hashtags to document my forced attempt to take more selfies for a month and to share them on both Instagram and Facebook. My typical use of the image-hosting aspects of these two platforms varies. I tend to keep selfies away from Facebook, preferring to share them with the random followers on my Instagram account than flooding my friends with pictures of my face. Through this challenge I am going to figure out if taking more selfies and sharing them widely across two platforms will give me a better sense of self, confidence in my appearance and my ability to take a good selfie.



Scandaleggs: When “Free Range” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

As a vegetarian-cum-vegan, industries based around livestock are something I’d like to advocate for. The egg industry is full of scandal. Egg-laying hens are excluded from protection against animal cruelty. In recent years, the caged egg industry has had several aspects exposed including but not limited to living their entire lives confined in cages, having parts of their beaks cut off without any pain relief. Despite being able to live a natural life of up to 10 years, a hens whose egg production slows (as early as 18 months old) is sent to slaughter. Male chicks in any part of the egg industry are routinely killed as “waste products” of the egg industry due to their inability to produce eggs. (more…)

Image of celebrities from the Oscars 2014

The Unsatisfied Selfie

The term “selfie” has been traced back to Armidale, NSW, in September 2002. A University of New England student excused the quality of the photo he posted to a message forum about the injury he received while drunk at a 21st birthday party.


The first “selfie”, Hopey 2002, sourced from http://www.telegraph.co.uk

It took 9 years for its common use to be acknowledged and the word has evolved considerably in that time. “Selfie” was awarded Oxford Dictionary of English’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2013, which prompted the research of its origins. Now there are many types of selfies: traditional front camera selfie, mirror selfie (camera directed at the reflection of the subject), animal selfie, no makeup selfie (particularly popular with raising awareness for cancer), ugly selfie, location based selfies such as the gym, beach or bathroom, and many more. (more…)