Social Media is the Liquid Labour of Love

Yes, there’s been a major shift in jobs. Industrialisation is no longer the name of the game; information has taken over. As such, there are a lot more people sitting on their bums in front of computer screens either at home or in open plan offices, churning out information after information. If we’re not looking at laptops we’re handcuffed to smart phones, bombarded by emails and messages and the occasional phone call. (My, how times have changed!)

If the worker must always be available, consider your online social presence. Even though you may be asleep, your Facebook profile never turns off. You could be receiving messages all night long. The same can be said for any social network on the Web. What makes this more confusing is the pervasiveness of jobs available where you are paid to be online liking Instagram pictures and commenting on Facebook posts as a brand representative.

I spent the day recording how I interacted with my online world in the following podcast. (Typically I don’t have this many notifications first thing in the morning but the last few days have been an exception.)


Conversation with a Gojira fan-boy

Following on from the notes I posted, this conversation actually transpired while I was watching Gojira.


Conversation on Facebook with a friend whose name has been reserved for privacy.

My digital artefact: WWYD8

It’s the last week of uni and I’ve been really hammering my 3 dating profiles (Tinder, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish) and even getting some submissions! Check out the Tumblr here:

Click the picture to see the Tumblr!

Click the picture to see the Tumblr!

And there’s also a Facebook page and a Twitter account to expand the audience reach!