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What’s the big reveal?

I recently played through Hatoful Boyfriend for the first time. It was completely not what I expected but first I need to explain my decision to engage with this particular aspect of digital Asia. I first found an interest in let’s playing visual novels after a friend showed me PressHeartToContinue and I could not stop laughing at all the funny voices she made. Needless to say my voice does not compare. Please see her fabulousness below.

Dodger conveys her experience of visual novels in an entertaining and compelling manner, something that compelled me enough to try a visual novel for myself.

Back to expectations. So, my channel, GameWreck, is all about me being incredibly shit at games for other people’s entertainment. Generally, I stumble about running around in circles until I literally bump into the thing I need to pick up all by accident.

Apparently visual novels don’t work that way. They have an extremely minimal amount of gameplay. Your gameplay is essentially boiled down to a series of choices you make.

Surely most games are about choices? (more…)

Limited shelf space is a thing of the past

A defining characteristic of digital shopping is the notion of shelf space. In the past, stores were limited by the physical space they occupied and however much stock could fit into that space. This is no longer the case.

As mentioned in the last post, information is the new commodity driving this show. Digital stores can stock an infinite amount of content. I had been aware of this phenomenon although I was unable to put it to words the same way others have. David Gauntlett explains “how people make money from giving away information free over the Web”. Instead of selling the content themselves, they sell the immediacy of access to the content.

The issue with this new attention economy is that only a few groups have caught onto it. Legacy media is clinging to content scarcity and strangling the freedom inherent to the Internet. This transition has been drawn out long enough! (Haven’t you made enough money, Murdoch et al?!)

Subtle plug for GameWreck here. Check out my YouTube channel where I play games. You’ll be laughing at how much of a trainwreck I am!