i wish i could bleed,
i hurt and i scratch,
but the pain doesn’t show
and no-one really cares

i wish you would care,
you think and you feel,
but you don’t see a thing
’cause you’re not looking

i wish for a lot
i lie and i cheat
but i can’t steal your trust
because you’ve given up

and all that i want,
in this beat up world,
is the things you won’t give,
(i can’t take)
your heart and your soul

and all that i give
won’t ever measure up
to your hopes and your dreams,
’cause they’re beyond all i see,
in my blackened out night

and all that i am
is so broken and hollow
the egg shell you stand on
will break with one move

i can’t hold you up,
(can’t put you down)
we’re stuck in a moment
for the good and the bad
of this rain-slick street
and the lights change to red
while you walk away
and i stay in my moment

forever, i’ll stay


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